Is a stitcher-folder with frontal trimmer enabling the production of high quality booklets and catalogues. The SUPER UNITÀ can be used either inline with the MAXIMA collators or for hand feeding.

Accepts up to 6 standard Hohner 48/5s (optional 52/8) stitching heads. Two stitching heads for flat staples are included with the machine. Also for loop stitching. Minimum distance between heads centers 50 mm. (mm 54 in case of the bigger ones).Simple converting from center to edge stitching. Wire spools (one given with each head) of 0,5 mm containing material for up to 80.000 staples each.
Double clinchers’ support always in axe with the heads when changing from stitching in the center to stitching on the edge. Four sides jogging into "C" form jogging squares that convey the set without any possibility of jam. The squares are pneumatically controlled. Pressure-free when the jogging the set. Only after stitching the set is then pressed by bearing onto the running transport belts (with adjustable speed) to get into the folding section. As the side gates are the same for the stitching and for the folding section, with only one touch we reach two adjustments.Anti jam detector at the entrance of the stitcher which stops the complete line in case of mistake.

The folding knife is electronically actuated from the bottom to the top and does not require any adjustment when changing size and thickness.
The fold is then created by mean of metal rolls with adjustable pressure and simmetric movement. Further transport is achieved by friction free double belts which convey the set through overdimensioned spring-loaded (400 Kg) calender rolls.

The set is always under a full size clamping for the complete elimination of the inner air; the set is stopped and 12 self-compensating spring-loaded cylinders press the edge of the set (at about 100 Kg) before top and bottom knives are actuated. Blade with about 30° inclination and self-sharpening counterblade make a "scissors type" cut.
Max. cut thickness mm 6.
In case of sets with very delicate covers it is possible to select an electronic control which stops the double transport belts of the trimmer while the blade makes the cycle.

Variable speed shingle delivery conveyor with batching device for programmable shingle stream interruption. It can receive up to about 80 sets (depending on thickness of material).



Maximum speed in the maximum size mm 500 x 800 3.200 mechanical cycles/hour. Smaller sizes can run faster.
The actual production speed and the actual net output are dependent on size, paper quality, thickness, conditions of stock and other operating conditions.
Sheet size:
Maximum 500 x 800 mm Minimum 210 x 300 mm
Maximum stitching thickness (about 30 sheets 80 g/m2) mm 3
Paper weight:
From 50 up to 300 g/m2. To fold sheets over 200 g/m2 it’s suggestable to crease the material before collating.
To process sets made of sheets with characteristics out of the above mentioned data it’s suggestable to ask the manufacturer for a previous test.
Electrical equipment: 380 V 3 phases + PEN 50 Hz (tolerance +/- 5%)
Pneumatic equipment: 1 air connection of 8 barConsumption: 1,5 KW


Power isolator to power the machine directly from the main line. Indispensable for the connection of the Stitcher - Folder - Trimmer to MAXIMA collators manufactured before 1995; to collators of other suppliers or for the off-line use of the machine when fed by hand.
Additional stitching head Hohner 48/5s for flat staples complete with independent clincher. Minimum distance between the staples mm 50. Maximum stitching thickness (with auto-compensation of the staple length) mm 3. Wire diameter 0,5 mm.
Additional stitching head Hohner 48/5s for "loop" staples complete with independent clincher. Minimum distance between the staples mm 50. Maximum stitching thickness (with auto-adjustment of the staple length) mm 3.
Wire diameter 0,5 mm. Loop with inner diameter mm 5. Can be installed also in combination with flat staple heads (up to a maximum of 5).
Transformation kit for heads Hohner 48/5s from flat staple to "loop" staple. Final technical data as standard stitching heads as described above. The use of such optional is suggestable only if occasionally in need to stitch with "loop" staples.