Maxima 35x50

Maxima 50x70,
50x80, 60x80

Maxima 60x100,

Maxima with
barcode reader

Industrial Automatic Machine with modular suction structure based on a revolving system that guarantees high speed with minimum wear of the moving parts. The robustness of the frame and the advanced technology make Maxima a perfect reliable instrument for big productions. Furthermore, the Maxima collators can be equipped with a control system to collate the numbered sheet-papers. This system can be reliably used where the accuracy requirement is very high, as the production of checkbooks.

Wire-o binding machine

machine WM

Automatic line

line WS


punch PH11

Our wire-o binding lines were born for the calendars' production; thanks to their speed (3000 cycles p/h) and also to their extreme simplicity and easiness, they allow the user to reach a high productivity level. Our WM machine is a semi-automatic binding machine that has an high technological level that, with a lower investment, permits to bind: catalogues, manuals, calendars, books and so on…

Special lines

Automatic line
KR 180°

Automatic line

Credit cards

Line for stample
bound album

Line for stample
bound album

Our lines are able to satisfy all the demands and needs for the production and confection of:
- Punched calendars stitched with "head-cardboards" both at 180⁰ and 360⁰
- Collating and production of credit cards
- Albums with punching and stitching with staple, also with different colored papers

Stitching with stample

Stitcher folder
trimmer SFT2

Stitcher folder
trimmer SFT3

Stitcher folder
trimmer 50x80

These are semi-automatic binding machines with high technological level, designed and created with the latest and newest components' generation that is a good and suitable investment for the customer, guaranteeing an extremely easiness of use for the user. With this machine you will be able to bind: catalogues, manuals, calendars, books and so on…

Finishing equipments and devices


Glueing system



High pile

Our finishing equipments and devices can satisfy all the demands and needs for several works. Moreover, we design special and personalized machines to fulfill your requests.