Obscure and Perfecta have announced their partnership at Ipex 2010. Obscure, producer of collating and wire-o binding systems, will distribute exclusively the cutting lines produced by Perfecta Schneidesysteme, located at Bautzen, near Dresden (Germany).
Perfecta was founded in 1896 and today is one of the most important industry for cutting technologies in the graphic market.
Perfecta is part of BAUMANN group, present in the market with three product lines:

• Linear cutters high speed from cm 76 to cm 225.
• Complete range of automatic logistic equipments for cutters.
• Trimmer in in-line and stand alone version.

The agreement was signed at Trofarello, in the Obscure Head Quarter in Italy by Bernfried Moosmann, Perfecta CEO and Carlo Obscure, President of Obscure S.r.L. on 29th april 2010. Obscure will provide service and maintainance for all Perfecta installations in Italy. Marco Melacarne, Sales Director in Obscure, will promote and develop the sales of two proven products: Maxima lines: collators and wire-o binders high volume. Perfecta lines: cutting lines high speed.