The MAXIMA offers the possibility to run two high piles of material stock from each single feeder station.

Further controls are added for double and missing sheet detection, along with sidelays to enable both piles of work to be loaded accurately into the feeder.

An overlapping device is positioned at the delivery of the collator to receive both sets and by moving either left or right it allows one set to be delivered on to the other.

This overlapper can also be used for manual or automatic feeding of extra sheets or sets, it can also be used to transfer the sets to other automatic lines.

The separation of the loading tables always guarantees a correct level pile hight.
Maxima dual stream 35 X 50 50 X 70 50 X 80 60 X 80
Sheet size max. cm 23,5 X 35 30 X 50,5 38 X 50,5 38 X 60
Sheet size min. cm 8 X 10 12 X 10 12 X 10 12 X 10
Maxima total loading separation 35 X 50 50 X 80
Sheet size max. cm 22 X 35 35 X 50,5
Sheet size min. cm 8 X 10 15 X 10