Via a Touch-screen, the computer of the MAXIMA allows regulation ofmost functions. This includes control of the vacuum system, to the programming of individual stations and the extraction of vital management information. Furthermore, the computer makes faster the production permitting automatic start and unloading of the machine, which can be stopped when the correct number of cycles has been reached.
Programming unit for total electronic control of max. 17 stations: (retrofitted add-on stations and dual stream feature cannot be included into the computer control). All stations can be programmed or shut off individually. Suitable for complex jobs (e.g. calendars or cheque books). An userfriendly touch screen panel, shows, using simple graphic icons, all the functions and helps in adjusting the machine and to identify what type and where the mistakes occurred.
Its standard functions are:
1. Counting of cycles and sets in the delivery.
2. Acoustic signal and/or stop the machine after complete number ofsets in the delivery.
3. Display of faulty station.4. Display of the total number of faults per station.
5. Automatic collection a predefined number of sets.
6. Automatic sequencing for delivery of only complete sets at start andend of work.
7. Automatic job end actuating including: - delivery of last complete set;- shut off pumps;
8. Warning devices; on the monitor the part or the device that causethe downtime are marked in red color.
9. Connection to an Ethernet.
10. Alternated stations 1+2 and last 2: it allows the automatic exchangeof the stations when the material finish. Useful for carton, carton headsfor calendar or in any case in which the material is very thick and toavoid extreme downtime. This option is not installable in the completelytotal loading table separated machines.