Crash numbering unit with two holding rings (27") and four cams for springing the numbering boxes, which is not included and must be equipped with returning spring. Counter pressing roll adjustable from outside the machine for different thickness sets to be numbered. Max.format mm 300 x 500, min. mm 120 x 175.It can receive a max of 6 holding rings, each of them for a max of 7 numbering boxes.

Includes one pair of shafts to take up circular slitting and perforating knives (without any such tools).
Extra holding 27" ring complete with cam.
Extra (split) holding 27" ring (for field retrofitting) complete with cam.
Center trimming or perforating device with three pair of double circular knives with hubs.
To be installed onto the shaft in front of the numbering box.

On request it arranges of numeration INK-JET