The MAXIMA WS, automatic wire-o binding machine, was bom for the calendar production; thanks to its mechanical speed (3.000 cycles hour) and is extreme easiness and speed in format changing, it allows the user to reach very high net productivities and, therefore, to be really competitive on the market.
The MAXIMA WS is linkable only with last generation Maxima collators with computer, except for some cases which have to be individualy considered.
The wire-o binding machine is electronically interfaced with the collator, so that when a variation is made on one off the two machines, the other is able to adapt on the first one.
More over, it also has, as the collator, a touch-screen panel, which, thanks to simple icons, allows to operate in a intuitive, fast and effective way also while the machine is working.

Maximum in a medium 300x500 format 3.000 mechanical cycles/hour

sheet size:
Max mm 600 (binding edge) x 800
Min mm 105 (binding edge) x 210
Maximum perforatine thickness (depending on the material mm 3÷4

Paper weight:
From 70 to 900 g./m2
To process sets made of sheets with characteristics out of the above mentioned data it’s suggestible to ask the manufacturer for a previous test.

Wall hanger:
2 mm diameter wire Hanger length 70 – 350 mm

Wire-o diameter:
3/16”, 1/4” – 5/16” – 3/8” Pitch 3:1” (3 holes every inch) 4:1” on demand

Hanger feeder and accumulator:
it can contain more than 500 pre-cut wire straight pieces, and up to 70 hangers formed

Electrical equipment:
400V 3 phase – PEN 50 Hz - 8 KW ~ (tolerance +/- 5%)

Compressed air:
6 bar and 100 l/min

Machine measures:
7500 mm x 1300 mm x 2500 mm (height) Weight: 3500 kg.

Device for the connection between
collator Maxima to the WS line.
This offers to the operators an
alternative way, taking on consideration
the heavy duty of the work line.

On the transfer ending the dossier will go on through the WS line where will meet three level station that will register the material, thanks to pneumatic square knocker (head,feet and side).
The paper transportation in this section happen through help of belt with pusher fingers that will push the material without dragging it, and avoiding any damage to the dossier. Once the material is out of the perfect register, there are two pinces (A) that lock it, to prevent any motion during the very fast transfer of material to different work station. (B) Sensors installed on various stations will control the work-line. Collator will stops
in case of jam.
An punching-tools of different size punches the materials. The assembling operations of the matrix and the punching tools at the changing stage are very easy and reliable due to the fact that the machine works with a fixed zero point (right side of the calendar). Is enough to leaning the first punching tool to the proper register square. Once the adjustment is done, the wire-o station will adjust automatically.
Once the materials punched, it will go through the binding station.The wire-o will insert onto the calendar without any motion. The transit between the punching station to the binding station is synchronized. Binding speed changes as soon as line speed increase or reduce; also the transfer speedy of the wire-o for the insert to the calendar are equal to the work-line, and those can go very fast. The accomplishment of the wire-o cut will happen with a singular knife and removing any mulck.
A) Binding station is on changeable cargo, that allows for a faster wire change (3/16, 1/4, 5/16,3/8).When need to change the size of wire, cargo “unhook” from the group of the work-line, and then replace it with desired diameter.
B) On this station will also happen the loading and the insert of metallic hook through the shaping that hold up to 500 pre-cut of wire of 2mm not yet finely-shaped but allready cutted. Once the hooks are shaped they will stop to the accumulator ( will hold up to 70 ) that allows the operation in binding line to filling up the charger without stopping the productions.
C) A sensor will check the calendar with help of hanger, after insert the wire.In case it will not insert. Work-line will stops and shows to the touch screen the reasons of the stop.

OVER TURN - System in order to turn of 360° cardboard, first and according to sheet (optional)
This system serves in order to improve the aesthetic one of the calendar.
Putting that before the stacker, this<Nessuno(a)> device allows the final rotation to 360° of the ended calendar.

The touch screen panel allows to operate in intuitive, fast and effective way while the machine is working too.